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The SMT-400 board provides an SMT grid that is sized down for convenience.  Considering that most surface mount parts have shrunk significantly compared to their through hole versions, it is natural that they will take up less room.  This product addresses the designs that only need a few components. 

Often one must quickly “prototype” a quick fix to an existing larger design and attach it to the larger board or system.  The SMT-400 provides a handy platform for this work when the mod is more than a couple of parts tacked to the board.

Additionally when the application is physically small and the prototype board must be shoehorned into a tight space, these smaller boards provide a great solution.

Item Number:


SMT-400 Mini Board

The SMT-400 is a scaled down version of the SMT-100 for small applications that require reduced real estate.




 1“ X 0.950”

Grid Top:          

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom:      

0.635  mm (0.025 in)




 HASL                                       (Hot air solder leveled)

Pad  Shape:      




· Convenient size for smaller circuit development

· Fine pitches accommodated down to 0.5 mm

· Two grid spacing's to accommodate a larger number of parts more easily. (different grid spacing's on each side (0.5 mm and 0.635 mm)

· Allows entire design to be done in surface mount on one board independent of package types

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