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The SMT-300 is a dual Surface Mount  and through hole Prototyping board designed to bridge the gap between the two technologies.

Product Summary:


The SMT-300 Provides a transition board from through hole technology to the current surface mount  world.  Surrounding the universal grid is a 0.100 inch pitch through hole grid.  The grid serves several purposes, it provides:

A convenient way to break the board apart into two boards by breaking along a through hole line

Through hole component mounting holes for mixed designs.

Connector mounting for those that do not like surface mount connectors (which are easily mounted on the SMT grid by the way).

Handy pass through connections (call them vias) for connecting one side of the board to the other if desired.

Connection points to SMT adaptor boards if you really cannot mount one of the SMT components on the board and need to use and adaptor. 

Of course the SMT-300 offers two smaller prototype areas as well with all of the benefits of the BoardworX system as well. 

Item Number:


SMT-300 Combo Board



· Convenient size for larger or smaller circuit development

· Fine pitches accommodated down to 0.5 mm

· Two grid spacing's to accommodate a larger number of parts more easily. (different grid spacing's on each side (0.5 mm and 0.635 mm)

· Easily separated smaller board areas

· Ability to mount through hole parts if desired




3“ X 2”

Grid Top: 

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom: 

0.63  mm (0.025 inch)

 Grid Throughole

0.100 “ rows





(Hot air solder leveled)

SMT Pad  Shape:  

Rectangular TH Pad Shape: Round

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