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The SMT-200 is an Surface Mount Prototyping board designed for general surface mount prototyping. It features a separated plane structure on the bottom side to ease wiring for prototype circuits.

Product Summary:


The SMT-200 provides a prototyping solution aimed at easing the wiring task that is often so time consuming during the prototyping process. A standard 0.5 mm Pitch grid is supplied on the top surface of the board for component mounting. Regularly spaced holes provide convenient connection to power and ground plane areas on the bottom side of the board.  Since the majority of connections on a typical circuit go to power or ground, having common connection points available at various places on the board allows for considerably simplified wiring translating to shorter development time.  This powerful combination makes both wiring and placement  much easier!

The bottom side has multiple conveniently placed  regions that can easily be connected together to form regions of common connections (power planes)  by simply bridging the areas between plane pads with solder and connecting to the pads you are using to the plane.  Multiple planes can be created (not just power and ground) for multi-supply systems or one can mount power components that require some heat sinking on the bottom side and connect as much copper (plane pads ) as are necessary.

All of the other benefits of using the BoardworX system of course apply to this board as well.

Item Number:


SMT-200 Plane Board



 Convenient size for larger or smaller circuit development

 Fine pitches accommodated down to 0.5 mm

 Integrated power plane structures ease placement and wiring

 Allows entire design to be done in surface mount on one board independent of package types

 No need for adaptor boards from surface mount to through hole

 Power component accommodation on bottom side of board




 3 X 2

Grid Top: 

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom:  

28 power plane pads with Connecting  holes





(Hot air solder leveled)

Pad  Shape:


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