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The SMT-100 is a Surface Mount Prototyping board designed for general surface mount prototyping. Measuring 2” X 3” it is intended for small to medium complexity prototype development.

Product Summary:



· Convenient size for larger or smaller circuit development

· Fine pitches are accommodated down to 0.5 mm

· Two grid spacing's to accommodate a larger number of parts more easily. (different grid spacing's on each side (0.5 mm and 0.635 mm).

· Allows entire design to be done in surface mount on one board independent of package types.

· No need for adaptor boards from surface mount to through hole.


The SMT-100 is the most basic of the BoardworX SMT prototyping System line. It consists of a single large prototyping area on both sides of the board.

Utilizing the “Universal Grid” concept, practically all SMT parts can be mounted to this board quickly and easily.  The HASL finish on the pads allows for easy tacking of pins to the board during part placement. There is plenty of real estate for large and small parts alike.  Once parts are mounted to the board, pad to pad wiring is simple and quick.  In a addition the pads can act as “Tack Points” for bare hookup wire creating “traces” effectively on the board. 



Item Number:





3“ X 2”

Grid Top:

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom:

0.635  mm (0.025 inch)





(Hot air solder leveled)

Pad  Shape:      


SMT-100 Basic Board

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