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The SMT-600 Nano Series shield board extends the BoardworX prototyping concept into he Arduino Nano world! Now you can prototype using your favorite Arduino board and add any components you like, SMT or through hole, to create powerful designs quickly and easily. The SMT-600 mates to all of the Nano size Arduino boards by simply populating the module in the mating through holes for the Nano Series board you are using. The board is symmetric so either side can accommodate the module and there are dual through hole pads that accommodate all of the nano series and allow easy wiring to the pads if covered by a connector. Mounting holes have been provided allowing the board to be a mounting platform for the Nano when put in a box. The 600 provides an SMT grid with one of the standard BoardworX pitches on each side of the board. Additional connections to off board circuits are easily created by using standard surface mount headers or connectors on the 600 board. The board is standard FR-4 with lead free or leaded solder capability and incorporates solder mask to make wiring and placement easier. It accommodates all of the components that all of the BoardworX products support.



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SMT-600 Nano Series Shield for Arduino

The SMT-500 is designed to mate to the Nano series of Arduino boards for fast prototype development using SMT or through hole parts..




2.530 X 2.100

Grid Top:          

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom:  

25 mil




 Lead Free Solder/Solder Mask

Pad  Shape:      



IPC Class 2

Text Box: Features:

Shield mates to:
Fine pitches accommodated down to 0.5 mm
Two grid spacing's to accommodate a larger number of parts more easily. (1 grid areas on each side of the board (0.5 mm and 0.635 mm)
Convenience features like additional through holes for easy routing.
Prototyping on top or bottom of board
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