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The SMT-1300 is a dual Surface Mount  and through hole Prototyping board designed to bridge the gap between the two technologies.

Product Summary:


The SMT-1300 improves on the transition board introduced from through hole technology to the current surface mount  world by adding some new featuresIn addition to the 0.100 inch pitch through hole grid, convenient through hole pads have been added for each grid hole to allow easy connection when a connector or header is used in the grid (shown below). Additionally a v score has been added  to allow easy separation if desired (creating two boards), and the board has been expanded in size.   Additional through holes are also present to enhance routing.  The finish includes solder mask as well for easier wiring. A closer look is shown below.


Of course the  “Universal Grid” concept is still in place allowing practically all SMT parts to be mounted to this board quickly and easily.  And there is still plenty of real estate for large and small parts alike.  Once parts are mounted to the board, pad to pad wiring is simple and quick. 



Item Number:



Combo Board



· Convenient size for larger or smaller circuit development

· Fine pitches accommodated down to 0.5 mm

· Two grid spacing's to accommodate a larger number of parts more easily. (different grid spacing's on each side (0.5 mm and 0.635 mm)

· Easily separated smaller board areas

· Ability to mount through hole parts if desired

· Solder Mask for easier wiring.

· Addition of through hole grid access pads




3.3“ X 2”

Grid Top: 

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom: 

0.63  mm (0.025 inch)

 Grid Through Hole

0.100 “ rows




 Lead Free Solder/Solder Mask

Pad  Shape:      



IPC Class 2

Close Up sample of board


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