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The SMT-1200 is an Surface Mount Prototyping board designed for general surface mount prototyping. It features a separated plane structure on the bottom side to ease wiring for prototype circuits.

Product Summary:



The SMT-1200 board expands on the traditional SMT-200 board with several new features. It is supplied with a solder mask that provides easier wiring and placement of components and is now available in lead free or leaded solder compatible finish.  In addition, pads have been modified on the back side of  the board to provide easier connections and a prototyping area is now included for more conveinient development so the large pads can be accessed from circurtry on the same side.  In addition the board has been made larger to accommodate more flexibility and usefulness.


All of the original features of the SMT-200 board apply iof course as well as the standard benefits of using the BoardworX system .




Item Number:


SMT-1200 Plane Board



· Convenient size for larger or smaller circuit development

· Fine pitches accommodated down to 0.5 mm

· Integrated power plane structures ease placement and wiring

· Allows entire design to be done in surface mount on one board independent of package types

· No need for adaptor boards from surface mount to through hole

· Power component accommodation on bottom side of board

· Prototype area  on bottom of board

· Solder Mask for easier wiring.




 3.3“ X 2”

Grid Top: 

0.5 mm

Grid Bottom:  

28 power plane pads with Connecting  holes




 Lead Free Solder/Solder Mask

Pad  Shape:      



IPC Class 2

Close Up sample of board


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