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BoardworX  is an SMT Prototype system that allows surface mount prototyping on a single board...

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SMT Prototype System

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Immediately try out new circuit without “layout +  board fab + populate”  Delays associated with PCB approach

Rapidly modify or add to existing designs with tiny “Daughter” or “Fix”boards” for faster product development

Easily create SMT based circuits that mate to through hole prototype areas on microcontroller development boards and the like

Create an adaptor board with any SMT part without having to  buy a special board  for each footprint

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BoardworX is a new SMT Prototype System that allows engineers and technicians to use the latest SMT parts when prototyping new designs in a convenient and easy to use form. BoardworX utilizes a “Universal Grid” concept, which accommodates mounting of all standard packages available for SMT parts today (except BGA) and applying simple point-to-point wiring to achieve a quick prototype circuit.  It is no longer necessary to shoehorn SMT parts onto a through hole platform.

By using the  BoardworX systems you can:


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